Scalp Massager

Soft and flexible silicone comb tooth can massage your scalp, neck or body, relieving fatigue and pressure.

Prevents hair loss by scalp stimulation and help to hair growth, strengthen the roots of your hair and nourish the hair shafts.

Deep cleaning, good to remove dandruff and hardened sebum & dirt. Great for thick hair and sensitive scalp.

Suitable for adults and children. It also can be used for pet bathing.

Portable adjustable grip handle perfectly fits to your palm.

Scalp Massager

  • This hook design is made by high-quality materials. It has an exquisite workmanship, which is small and convenient with many functions. It is a good necessary tool for you to use at home. 

    The brush tooth design is unique with massage effect, which can promote blood circulation and keep your brain in good health.

    It is made by soft silicone material that will do no harm to the skin. It is safe, non-toxic and has no side effects. 

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